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Kennedy Financial Services has spent more than 25 years working within the financial services sector, helping ex-pats who have moved abroad to make the best use of their financial assets and achieve the best possible level of income from their investments, and pension funds.

Since QROPS were launched in 2006 the bulk of the work undertaken by KFS has related to QROPS, helping expats to move their private UK pensions across into QROPS to benefit from the many tax advantages on offer from a system set up to deal with the pensions of expats who have chosen to move abroad during their retirement.

KFS aims to ensure that all your queries or concerns about the QROPS option are explained in full and that you fully understand the entire process or moving a pension into a QROPS. Our aim is to ensure that you undertake this process feeling comfortable with your decision and that the process is transparent and clear from the start.

Most types of pensions can be transferred including works pensions, personal pensions and SIPPs, in addition Government based pensions may also be transferred i.e. Teachers, Police, Military, NHS etc.

KFS office staff are fully trained in the financial services industry and are able to answer most questions over the phone, however, we fully recommend discussing your needs on a one to one level and prefer to sit and talk through your needs in person, so you can see who you’re dealing with and we can fully understand exactly what you require.

As an international company, we work with expat clients all over the world, and are happy to discuss your situation via phone if you are outside of our immediate base in Andalucía, so feel free to call and talk to us, whatever your needs.

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Opening Hours:

Our offices are open from 10.00 am to 18.00 hrs. (Spanish time) Monday to Friday and for out of office hours enquiries please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.