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financial-servicesAll of us need to consider some form of financial planning in order to ensure that the assets and finances we have around us are not only maximised to the full during our own life time, but also structured to ensure that those closest to us and the families that follow us are provided for as adequately as possible and gain the maximum benefit possible from sensibly structuring our assets.

A little financial planning can make a huge difference, and as legislation changes to reflect changing demographics, (the simplest example being the introduction of QROPS to cater for the volumes of expats who have chosen to live abroad) the options available to us change with it, meaning that financial planning is a process which takes place throughout our lives, rather than being a “product” which remains the same.

And our needs change: throughout our working lives we may have planned to retire at 65, but as the modern world continues to evolve many of us are retiring early and taking advantage of the changes in legislation which now allow us to have greater flexibility in our financial planning than ever before.

Although QROPS has become the most important product offered by KFS due to the obvious benefits, we do also offer a wide range of guidance to clients on other financial products including investments, insurance and property purchase, with the guarantee that if we are unable to help, we will pass your enquiry to another party more qualified to deal with your particular requirement. We do however, draw the line at taxation advice, as this requires specialist knowledge and would recommend anyone seeking specific taxation advice seek out a taxation specialist.

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Our Aim: To give you peace of mind in your retirement, and the regular income to enjoy it

QROPS is such a popular option: Many ex-pats are pension rich but cash poor, and find that they could really do with freeing up some of the cash tied up in pension funds a bit earlier, and if you are over 50 years of age you can release 30% of your pension tax free.

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